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The Leah Fernandes Memorial Fund is proud to continue our mission of
"Helping Families & Funding Research" 
As you all know our mission is "Helping Families & Funding Research", well we have another young family who needs our help.
The Holden Family, whose roots are in North Attleboro,
and their daughter Melaney Holden need our help.

"Melaney Ja
yne was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma on June 22, 2012. She has gone through six rounds of inpatient chemotherapy, a 9 hour tumor removal surgery, Stem Cell Transplant, 12 rounds of radiation and antibody therapy. Just as her 13 month treatment was ending, a severe headache brought her to the ER where a large tumor was discovered. She immediately went into surgery in hopes to remove the tumor. The tumor, swelling and bleed was causing both hemispheres of her brain to be completely on one side. It was feared this was life threatening as it would start to interact with crucial functions. Throughout the past year, Melaney has amazed many with her resilience, love for life and fight to overcome this horrible cancer."
Melaney's a fighter through and through, as is her family! Let's rally together like only we know how to do and show this family the love and support they need!


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